grosgrain ribbon loops on magnets

Using 1/4 inch red grosgrain ribbon cut and tied into loops, we transformed an ordinary magnet into a fancy ornament

grosgrain ribbon loop for magnet

Polar Magnetics is a manufacturer of souvenir gifts, displays and creative decor and provides laser cutting and engraving services. 

To finalize products for Polar Magnetics, a grosgrain ribbon was cut and tied into a 4 inch loop. The grosgrain ribbon loops were then slip-knotted through a hole in the magnet.

The strength of the grosgrain ribbon easily supports the wait of the magnet when hung. Grosgrain ribbon also has some texture to it which adds more grip to the loop. The red color makes the item perfect for a Christmas ornament.

Grosgrain ribbon can come in many other colors. Finish Line Custom Finishing, Inc. provides grosgrain ribbon in a number of widths as well as colors. You can get grosgrain ribbon by the roll, cut into pieces, tied in loops or with barbs in between.

Download a free grosgrain ribbon color chart and check out all the ribbon options available. Learn more about other types of ribbon on Finish Line Custom Finishing’s wholesale ribbon page.


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